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In these times we see rebellions against governments, and we see rebellious attitudes among citizens even in this great country of individual freedom. An extremely important question arises. What is the Christian's attitude toward his government?

In the 4th chapter of Daniel, in which God's dealing with Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, is revealed, it is obvious that the Most High rules over the affairs of all men, that he sets up world kingdoms and casts them down according to his will. We do not know how his use of governments work toward accomplishing his eternal purpose, but God knows and his will is best for us.

In Rom. 13 the Apostle Paul is very emphatic in saying that governments are ordained of God and that they are his ministers for good. The Christian's duty is to be subject, including the payment of taxes. To resist {rebel) is to resist the ordinance of God and to fall into damnation. The only exception is when government demands disobedience to God's word. Then the Christian should refuse according to Peter's words {Acts 5:29), "We ought to obey God rather than men." His will should always take precedence.

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