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The scriptures tell us (Eph. 3) that the church was in God's eternal purpose through his Son Jesus Christ. While Jesus was in the flesh, he promised to build his church (Matt. 16:18). His promise was church singular, not a multiplicity. Then why are there so many different churches with conflicting doctrines and causing so much religious confusion?

The history of denominational churches began when men, such as Martin Luther, John Huss, John Calvin, and many others, saw the need for reform in the unholy doctrines of the apostate Roman church. Their efforts were not directed toward a return to the Bible and first-century Christianity, but only toward reforming a corrupt religious system. As the result of their efforts, many religious groups have sprung up, all of which are the products of men and unauthorized in the scriptures. They are the daughters of that greet harlot who sits upon seven mountains (Rome, the city of seven hills - See Rev. 17:1-9).

Why do sectarian groups flourish? It is because men have rejected the church that was in God's eternal purpose, the one built by his Son. The churches existing by the authority of men are in serious trouble because they are doomed to destruction (Matt. 15:13). Being religious does not compare with being religiously sound.

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