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Through the years, especially since the Reformation effort began, many have assumed some degree of authority in religious matters, or their followers have looked to them as authoritative. As the result, men have formulated written creeds, manuals, disciplines, confessions, catechisms, etc., as substitutes for, or supplements to, God's word. When such works contradict scriptural authority, men are inclined to prefer the works of men over the inspired word.

Following his resurrection, Jesus said (Matt. 28:18) that he had been given all power {authority) both in heaven and in earth. Paul said {Eph. 1:19-22) that through God's power in raising Jesus from the dead he has set him far above all other powers and over every other name and has put all things under his feet.

The institutions of men offer fellowship, comfort, and consolation, but they cannot offer salvation because salvation is in Christ {Acts 4:12; I John 5:11), and human institutions do not exist in the name of, or by the authority of, the Lord Jesus Christ. No human has any authority in religious matters, because ALL authority belongs to Christ.

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