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This question is not intended to delve into the origin and nature of God, but rather to make observation of the personalities of deity. Translators have been remiss in their use of the English word "God" in ways that confuse many who go no further than "scratching the surface" in their study of the scriptures.

There are three distinct personalities in the godhead: (1) Jehovah, the Heavenly Father, (2) Jesus Christ, the only-begotten of the Father, and (3) The Holy Ghost, or Holy Spirit. Many are unable to distinguish which is intended by the use or the word "God" and many erroneously think all are the same person.

Original words denoting deity are sometimes plural (Gen. 1:1, Deut.6:4). II John 5:7 mentions the three in heaven who are united as one. Paul's instruction to the Ephesian elders (Acts 20:28) was to "...feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood." Obviously the "God" in this passage is Christ. It behooves us to give a more scholarly treatment of the context in determining which person of the godhead is under consideration.

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