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In religious conversation it is often stated that one should join the church of his choice. Without undue influence from family and friends, many sincere, honest people are at a loss to choose. Many are encouraged to "shop around" to try to find one they prefer.

The real problem is not the choosing. It is a lack of Bible knowledge which would easily and forever settle the issue. The first-century populace was never confronted with selecting church affiliation because there were no denominations in existence. There was only the church of Christ and therefore no choice. Not only that, but "joining" a church was (and still is) foreign to the Holy Scriptures. The Lord added to the church daily those who received and obeyed the terms of the gospel (Acts 2).

Any organization you can "join" is not the church you can read about in the Bible. People today who "gladly receive the word" are added to the Lord's church the same as those were in the Bible record (Acts 2:41). To do otherwise is rejection of God's word and rebellion against his will.

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