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There is a question posed today, mostly in jest but in reality a baffler to many. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Some will offer humorous logic for one conclusion or the other, leading to doubt as to whether or not some really know the answer.

As in almost every problem, the Bible does provide the answer. In the creation account as recorded in Genesis 1, the earth was prepared for habitation by the end of the fourth day. On the fifth day fishes and fowls were created. On the sixth day beasts and humans were created. To all forms of animal life, created male and female, the instructions were, "Be fruitful and multiply."

The egg is a product of God's plan for procreation, but there is no scriptural support for the creation of the egg. The fowl (chicken or other species) was created and it produces the egg through natural law of procreation. Strange as it may sound, in the beginning (the creation) the chicken was created and therefore came first; ever since, the egg has come first.

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