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Some say without scriptural authority that Christ is going to return to earth to set up his kingdom. What men refuse to believe is that the Bible tells us that the kingdom of God was established on earth almost two centuries ago.

The prophecy in Dan. 2 foretold that the God of heaven would set up his kingdom during the world dominance of the Roman Empire and that it would never be destroyed but would stand forever. Jesus came on the scene at the right place and at the right time. He said to the people (Mark 9:1) that some standing there with him would not taste death until they had seen the kingdom of God come with power. After his resurrection he told his apostles (Acts 1:4-8) that they would receive power when the Holy Ghost came upon them not many days hence. Ten days later they were filled with the Holy Ghost and were able to work miracles (Acts 2). This was the first time the Lord added the saved to his church.

Prejudiced men refuse to accept the fact that the Lord's church and his kingdom are one and the same (Matt. 16:18-19). When Christ returns, he is not to set up a kingdom but is to deliver up an already-established kingdom to the Heavenly Father (I Cor. 15:24). Christ is our King, and his subjects are in his kingdom, his church (Acts 2:47).

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