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Through the use of digital clocks we can instantly determine the exact time of day, but many seem to be unaware of the religious times which govern our lives today.

The Patriarchal Age was the first of three major historical periods. It was characterized by God's dealing with heads of families (patriarchs) without written law. This age lasted approximately 2,500 years.

The Mosaic Age was next, characterized by the giving of written law through Moses. This age lasted approximately 1,500 years, brought to an end by Christ's death on the cross, which took it out of the way (Col. 2:14. See also Gal. 3:19).

The third and final age began almost 2,000 years ago and will last until God decides to bring time to an end. Peter (Acts 2:16-17) called this age the "last days." Likewise the Hebrew writer (Heb. 1:1-2) identified it as the last days, stating that God has spoken unto us in this age by his Son.

It is extremely important for us to realize what time it is so that we may determine the religious instruction applicable to the age in which we live.

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