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Following the death of Stephen (Acts 1), Saul (later called Paul) made havoc of the church at Jerusalem, and the disciples were scattered abroad (Acts 8:1-4). Then Philip went down to the city of Samaria and preached Christ unto them. When they believed his preaching, they were baptized, both men and women (verse 12).

But there was a certain man named Simon who had enjoyed great success as a sorcerer and was held in high esteem by the Samaritans. Simon recognized that the miracles done by Philip were genuine whereas his were fakery. Then Simon himself believed also and was baptized. Then Peter and John were sent down from Jerusalem to impart spiritual gifts unto the Samaritan Christians. Simon saw that the Holy Ghost was given through the laying on or the apostles' hands (verse 18).

Those today claiming miraculous manifestations of the Spirit need to see WHAT SIMON SAW! The gifts were obtained through LAYING ON of the AFOSTLES' HANDS. No other way of obtaining these powers is made known through the Inspired Word. Can today's miracle workers possibly be authentic? Or are they sorcerers, like Simon had been? The apostles' hands have been stilled for nearly two thousand years.

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