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A parable may be defined as a story in which characters and situations, with which we are familiar, are used to illustrate principles with which we are not so familiar. When asked by his disciples why he spoke in parables, Jesus replied (Matt. 13:11), "Because it is given unto you (his disciples) the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them (the multitude) it is not given." In verses 12-17 he proceeded to expla1n why the people were not prepared to receive his word.

Jesus often used parables to teach his disciples the principles of his new religious system known as Christianity, because it was an effective means of teaching those who could receive it.

Occasionally someone who has difficulty with the teaching in a parable may blurt out, "Oh, that's just a parable!,. Does "just a parable" mean that Jesus taught untruths? Does "just a parable" justify ignoring the truths taught by parables? Don't ever allow yourself to be in the position of belittling and ridiculing the Master Teacher!

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