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The religious world is saturated with man-made creeds known by different names. Some call theirs the catechism, others have their confessions of faith, others their various kinds of manuals, and on and on. All are uninspired works of men, reflecting opinions and/or highlighting certain doctrines that are fundamental to the particular religious order.

Why the necessity for man-made creeds? Many say, "Oh, they only say what the Bible says." On the scriptural principle that it is sinful to add to, or diminish from, the Word of God (Deut. 4:2, Rev. 22:18-19), let's apply some cold logic. If the human creeds say more than the scriptures, or if they say less than the scriptures, they are sinful and unacceptable to the honest and sincere. If they say exactly the same as the scriptures, they are not needed.

Hear the conclusion of the whole matter: When men adopt their own creeds, they have rejected the Word of God and have substituted their own will and wisdom for His!

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