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A terrible disease moves within the religious scenario throughout the land. It is the sin of liberalism, and it threatens and eventually overcomes every religious group that will not repulse it. Liberalism provides subtle ways and means of ignoring and disobeying God's instructions. One has only to study the case of Jeroboam as recorded in I Kings to see where the spirit of liberalism leads. He was a usurper to begin with, exercising authority not lawfully his. Jeroboam was religious but led the northern kingdom of Israel into four major departures from God's word: (1) their object of worship, (2) the place of worship, (3) the times for observing feast days, and (4) the priesthood.

The liberal religious spirit of Jeroboam is rampant in the religious world today, and millions will suffer the same fate as the evil Jeroboam because of it. Let us be constantly reminded that our own wills must be sacrificed, that whosoever would enter into heaven MUST do the will of the Heavenly Father (Matt. 1:21-23).

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