Bible Truth FAQs


At railroad crossings both visual and audible alarms are installed to warn us or imminent danger. It we ignore these danger signals, serious consequences will result. But what about the seriousness of ignoring religious danger signals?

1. Did your religious persuasion have its beginning later than A.D.33? In a place other than Jerusalem?

2. Is the local group in religious subjection to other outside human powers?

3. Is it governed by set of rules other than, or in addition to, the Bible?

4. Does the minister presume to be God by allowing himself to be called "Reverend"? (See Psalms 111:9).

5. Do officials also carry flattering titles, the qualif1cat1ons for which are out of harmony with those specif1ed in I Tim. 3 and Titus I?

6. Are members "voted in," or do they "join"?

7. Does it wear the name of Christ?

The alarms are loudly ringing and brightly flashing, but will we continue to be oblivious? Don't let the locomotive of death teach you a lesson that comes too late! Get out of danger!

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