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A well-known philosophy is, "Let your conscience be your guide." In religious matters this is not safe because conscience may not be educated in God's ways.

Even those who know the truth but allow themselves to sink into rebellion against God's will, are become as if their conscience has been seared with a hot iron (I Tim. 4:2).

The Apostle Paul before his conversion did much damage to the cause of Christ (Acts 8:3, Acts 26:9-11, I Tim. 1:13). Paul could claim he did all these things in good conscience toward God (Acts 23:1) because he did them ignorantly in unbelief (I Tim. 1:13).

Is your conscience more reliable than that of the Apostle Paul? When your conscience is attuned to God's will and you have the disposition to obey him, only then will conscience be a safe guide.

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