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In the United States alone there are several hundred different religious groups with conflicting doctrines. Yet each, or most of them, claim to use the same Bible and to serve and worship the same God. Doesn't it all seem to be terribly amiss when that same God has made it known that he is not the author of confusion (I Cor. 14:33). The conglomeration we see as Christianity is so conflicting and confusing that many have turned their backs on religion altogether.

While Christ was on the earth he prayed (John 17) for the unity of all his disciples for the express purpose of influencing the world to believe on him (verse 21).

Why then do people delight in having so many diverse and conflicting groups? Is it because they are so ignorant of our Lord's will, or is it self-gratification in supplying their own spiritual needs regardless of what the Lord wants? It is a strange and wicked world indeed!


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