Bible Truth FAQs


Many are willing to accept the reality of heaven as revealed 1n the scriptures, but many are reluctant to accept the reality of hell. There 1s tendency to rationalize that God so loves the world that he will not exact eternal punishment upon h1s own creatures.

The Bible reveals heaven as a place of eternal rest, happiness, and worship but cannot adequately describe its splendor because it condescends to human terminology and human understanding. It reveals hell as a place of eternal torment for the devil and his angels, those rebellious to God's will.

Hell was not created to scare people 1nto heaven. It is reserved for all who reject heaven. God's word tells how to gain heaven, also how to avoid hell. The Bible says more about hell than about heaven, and both are eternal. How can one rationally believe that heaven is real but that hell is not real? The Bible 1s the authority for both places. Hell is just as real as is heaven.

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