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In our daily lives we accept situations without realizing that God's providence is in them. Even those things which we are inclined to take for granted, including the necessities for our sustenance, are provided through God's care and concern for his creation.

The account of Joseph's being sold into slavery by his own brethren (Gen. 37) and carried into Egypt by a band of Ishmaelite traders, seemed to be very tragic. Some twenty years later Joseph revealed to his brethren that this was God's providence working to preserve Israel's family (Gen. 45:5-8).

A wicked pharaoh decreed that all Hebrew male babies be put to death, and Moses was hid in the river by his mother. When found by the pharaoh's daughter and her maidens and a nurse for the baby Moses was needed, his own mother was selected. Through God's providence the future leader of the Israelite nation was nurtured by his own mother and escaped the death decree.

God has made provision for all through his Son. He is not willing that any should perish (II Pet. 3:9). Christ is the author of eternal salvation to them that obey him (Heb. 5:8-9). Allow God's providence to be effective by taking hold of eternal life upon the terms of the gospel of Christ.

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