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In our institutions of learning the theory of evolution is taught as fact. As the result, great many in our society have left college as infidels. At least they are intelligent enough to realize that if what they have been taught is true, then the Bible cannot be true. The two cannot be harmonized.

Even in the most elementary textbooks the theory of evolution is introduced into the minds of the very young under the guise of science. The word "science" means knowledge, established fact. Evolution at best is still merely a theory that cannot be proved, and yet we stand by and allow our educators to poison the minds of millions of innocent, unsuspecting victims.

What is so wrong with the Bible account of creation that people cannot accept it? Inspiration (Gen. 1) tells us that God (or preferably the Godhead, as other passages support) created all things in a full-grown state, ready to reproduce seed after their kind. Is this too simple for humans to accept? Apparently so, as man has devised a theory so far-fetched that even he himself can't explain it!!

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