Bible Truth FAQs


What is more important to you, truth or flattery? Do you evaluate your friends and loved ones on their ability to inflate your ego or on their courage to tell you what you need to know? More often than not, the things which we need for our own improvement are not what we want to hear, and fr1endships are destroyed because someone cared enough to tell us anyway.

John the Baptist told Herod something to save his soul, but he did not want to hear it (Matt. 14:3-4). Stephen told the Jewish council things they needed to hear to improve their relationship with God (Acts 7), but they violently rejected him. Both of these godly men lost their lives because they, through love for both God and man, bore unpopular messages.

When someone tells you painful truth, even when they suffer embarrassment by telling you, recognize their action as love. For what other reason would they choose to endure such unpleasantness? Why would anyone care to tell you Bible truth, unless it's because of love for you and the souls of mankind everywhere? Be careful to recognize love when you see it.

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