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In this age we still hear of many who claim to be miraculous healers. The practice seems to be extremely profitable, as millions fall victim to their trickery and are willing to give financial support to what seems to them a most worthy cause. But really, is any genuine heeling being performed? Compare modern practice to first-century miraculous healing.

Christ and the apostles had the power to heel all manner of sickness and disease, physical impairments, and even to raising the dead. Healing was instant and complete. Modern healers do not and cannot cure any obvious malady or deformity, such as broken or severed limbs, much less raise the dead. The purpose of miracles was to confirm the spoken word (Mark 16:17-20; Heb. 2:1-4). The truth, once confirmed, does not need to be confirmed over and over perpetually.

The power to perform miracles was given directly by Christ while yet alive on earth (Matt 10), through the baptismal measure of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2; Acts 10), and through the laying on of the apostles' hands (Acts 8:18; I Tim. 4:14). None of these is available to us today. Don't be fooled by the modern fakers. They are not about to make our doctors and hospitals obsolete.


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